Rhodes Mountain Bakery

If you want to experience a traditional bakery in Rhodes, then a visit to the Apolloniatisses is essential. Set in a village on the slopes of Profitis Ilias, the road is winding but oh so worth travelling, with stunning views en route.
Outside the Apolloniatisses Bakery, Rhodes, Greece
A women's co-operative, the nine ladies are dedicated to using local produce in their bread, jams and liqueurs.

Jams and Preserves, Apolloniatises
Biscuits and Breadsticks, Apolloniatises
Alongside these, there is a dazzling array of koulouraki (cross between a biscuit and a crisp roll) some sweet, some savoury - all delicious.

Whilst we were there we saw them making bread and were treated to a sample of a still warm loaf.
Breadmaking at Apolloniatises
It was served drizzled with honey and sugar. Naughty but very nice!  We also tried a selection of the koulouraki of all shapes, including a flat biscuit with nuts, the traditional twisted koulouraki and the savoury koulouri which looks like a small ring doughnut sprinkled with sesame seeds.

A selection of koulouraki, Apolloniatises
The ladies were delightful and explained to us how their co-operative worked. They are enthusiastic about their work and proud of the quality of the local ingredients. The herbs used in the bakery are grown in the garden outside, whilst other ingredients are brought in by the members from their gardens, olive groves or fields. No wonder it all tastes so good! We left with bags full of fig jam, walnut liqueur and of course plenty of bread and koulouraki.
Some of the ladies at the Women's Co-operative, Apolloniatises
Thank you Fotini, Irina, Maria, Stella and Vasilia who made our visit so interesting and memorable. If you are in Rhodes and can get to the bakery, the ladies of the Apolloniatises co-op will make you really welcome.


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